Why Go Abroad?

Hundreds of thousands of students from US universities choose to study abroad every year for a long list of reasons!  Think about the following:

  • Education abroad is an opportunity to see the world.  It's a chance to discover different cultures and new ways of life.  It gives you the possibility of having one of the greatest adventures that you will ever have and to keep those memories with you for the rest of your life.

  • Going abroad is affordable! NAU Exchange programs allow you to pay NAU tuition while studying abroad. Your typical grants, loans, and scholarships may apply to your program, and there are thousands of dollars in education abroad-specific scholarships  available!

  • Diversify your education!   Education abroad can provide a richer and deeper understanding of your field of study.  Classes taken abroad can count towards your graduation requirements!

  • Study abroad and build your resume.  Employers are looking for employees with a global skill set.  That means speaking a foreign language, understanding and being able to operate in a multicultural environment, and being able to apply the lessons of your undergraduate education in a global setting. 

And of course: Because it's fun!

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