Study Abroad Re-Entry Orientation

Welcome back!

Returning from a study abroad experience can cause both excitement and anxiety. It’s usually wonderful to see friends and family again, however managing “reverse culture shock” can be just as difficult as adjusting to the initial culture shock at the beginning of your study abroad experience. It is perfectly normal to experience some difficulty in settling in back here in the US.

Successfully transitioning back to your life in the United States takes both time and opportunities to process your experience with others. Have you tried to talk about your experiences with family or friends who’ve never studied abroad, only to see a glazed look in their eyes? One of the best ways to cope with some of these feelings is to connect with other students who have also studied abroad recently and truly know what it’s like. It’s a lot of fun to share your most memorable moments from abroad, whether it be that time you were completely lost in translation or that time you tried that food once (and only once!) That’s where re-entry orientation comes in!

Re-entry orientation is an important component to successful transition back to NAU and the United States. The re-entry program through CIE is designed to:

• Help you understand what reverse culture shock is and what resources there are to help you manage your feelings
• Give you the chance to share your experiences with those who will truly relate to you and the ups and downs of studying abroad
• Help you leverage your study abroad experience in the job or graduate school search
• Inform you of other opportunities to live, study or work abroad in the future

Re-Entry Orientation Date:

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 – Blome (2) Conference Room
4-5 pm: Career Services Workshop (optional): This session will help you articulate the personal growth and skills you gained while studying abroad through resumes, interviews, and networking.
5-6 pm: Re-Entry Orientation: This required session will give all past participants that chance to process their experience and share their stories with other students. Free pizza will be served at the beginning of the session!

Talk it Up!Talk it up and get $1,000 in airfare!


Did you just have a great time abroad?  Talk it up on campus!  Any education abroad alumnus that recruits three students to participate in a NAU international exchange program will recieve $1,000 towards one flight, anywhere in the world. 

- The $1,000 is only redeemable within one year of being notified of the award and cannot be broken up among multiple flights.

- Three students must enroll in either regular international exchange or ISEP international exchange programs.  Exchanges allow students to pay regular NAU tuition and use their financial aid, thus are the most affordable way to study abroad.

- Exchange students must identify the alumnus that recruited them via the question "Did a study abroad alumnus recruit you to study abroad?  If so, who?"  This question will appear for all students during their application process.  Students that move beyond the application stage can no longer identify an alumnus.

- $1,000 awards are limited to 3 per semester; first-come. first-served.

- Feel free to come get brochures from our office to help you promote!

Education Abroad Photo Contest2 Thai Girls

Win a prize for all those great photos you took while abroad!  There are four categories: landscape, pictures of locals, students (bonus points for students wearing a NAU logo), and monuments.  You will get an email when the contest starts and can submit photos then.

First place wins $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50 and 4th $25.

Please be aware that photos submitted may be used by Education Abroad for marketing purposes such as brochures, posters, and presentations!

NAU Global Ambassadors 

Make the most of your international experience by becoming an NAU Global Ambassador. Global Ambassadors are NAU students who have studied abroad for a summer, semester, or year, and who would like the opportunity to stay connected to their international experience. You can participate in e-advising, information sessions, classroom presentations, and pre-departure orientations and encourage others to "take the plunge" and study abroad!  At the same time, you will gain valuable communication skills and have a great volunteer experience to add to your resume.  Interested?  Contact Mr. Jayson Blunt at

To apply, click here: