Financing Education Abroad

Education Abroad can be affordable!
  • Exchange programs are the most affordable way to study abroad for a semester or year (see chart below).  Cost by program type information is here.
                                        Exchange chart
  • Costs for specific programs are found on that program’s webpage. 
  • NAU scholarship and tuition waivers (including but not limited to: AIMS, President’s, Dean’s, EARP) may be used for exchange programs but not provider and faculty-led programs (exception - EARPs can be applied to the tuition portion of faculty-led programs).
  • A $100 application fee will be charged to your LOUIE account upon completion of your application. NSE students will be charged $200. Global Research and Internship (GRIP) students do not pay an application fee.
  • A $500 cancellation fee will be charged to students who withdraw from their program after admittance so be sure you are committed to your program when filling out your application materials.
  • Students not currently receiving financial aid that want to explore that option for Education Abroad should contact Normajean Brown ( in Financial Aid.  
    • Students going on summer programs need to talk to Ms. Brown early!
  • See our scholarships page to learn more about study abroad scholarships.
Payment Deadlines

Application Fees – Application fees are due approximately six weeks after having finished your application.

Program Fees – Program fees that are billed by NAU are due according to NAU's regular payment deadlines.  This applies to exchange, faculty-led, some internships and research, and NSE Plan A programs.  Provider and non-NAU programs have their own deadlines.