Reminders Before You Study Abroad:


Cancel your NAU housing contract through Housing & Residence Life for spring semester if you signed an academic year contract with NAU in the fall. For the petition to terminate housing contract and most up to date cancellation policies click here.

You will see a Transportation fee charged to your account.  That fee will be removed before you leave.

Cancel your dining plan for spring semester if you signed up for an academic year meal plan through NAU Dining Services:

Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

All students who study abroad are required to attend our Pre-Departure Orientation Session. We hold Pre-Departures towards the end of every Fall and Spring semester, and you will attend one based on which term you are going abroad.

Please visit the Department of State website for students traveling abroad for other valuable information before departing for you trip abroad.

Pre-Departure Handbook

Pre-Departure Orientation Dates:

Saturday, April 18, 2015:
This session is for students going abroad Summer 2015, Fall 2015, and/or academic year 2015-16.

This meeting is mandatory for any student studying abroad. You must attend. Pre-departure day will be held in the Franke College of Business, Building # 81, on South Campus. Do NOT come to the Center for International Education for pre-departure day. General meetings are held in Gardner Auditorium, while individual sessions will be in different rooms. A full schedule will be posted at the College of Business.  Enter the doors on the west side of the building, and stop at the check in table before you go to your meetings. We will have breakfast drinks and snacks in the morning. Parents are welcome to attend Pre-Departure Orientation day.

All students are required to attend one General Session, and many of you will attend a country specific meeting as well.

Please contact your study abroad adviser if you have any questions about your pre-departure sessions, or if for some reason you are unable to attend.

See the Pre-departure orientation schedule: Schedule Spring 2015.pdf