Sonoma State University Students

Welcome! You are embarking on an extended application process to study abroad and will need to do the following to make this as easy as possible:

NSE Application Process

  1. Work with your home NSE coordinator in advance of the NSE deadline to determine where you want to go
  2. Browse ISA for country programs
  3. If you are NOT using ISA, use the programs tab to browse the NAU exchange database for your location of interest***
  4. Submit your NSE application with your home coordinator

Admitted to NSE

  1. Once placed and you have signed your PAF your home coordinator will let us know where you want to travel
  2. Submit your official Sonoma transcript to the NAU NSE Coordinator***
  3. You will recieve an email from your NAU Study Abroad Advisor***
  4. Work with your NAU advisor to start the NAU application for study abroad***
  5. When applying to ISA, there is an NAU application for ISA program based on country (choose the correct one)
  6. During the ISA application, your home university is Sonoma State University

During Study Abroad

  1. Send your NAU Study Abroad Advisor your host country address, email, and phone number***
  2. Email your home NSE coordinator to let them know of your arrival
  3. Pay attention to your NAU Student Account for charges!

Return to the US

  1. Send your host country university transcript to your NAU Study Abroad Advisor***
  2. You will need to request your NAU transcript to be sent back to Sonoma State
  3. Make sure you have no outstanding balances with your host country university and NAU


  1. NAU Students are given priority for NAU Study Abroad Exchange Programs
  2. Your official Sonoma transcripts determines the amount of federal aid you will recieve
  3. Your NAU Study Abroad Advisor is very knowlegable in your country of interest, including country info and visa processes, work with them specifically!
  4. You will fill out multiple applications (NSE, NAU Study Abroad, ISA) so stay on top of them and remain in constant contact with your NAU Study Abroad Advisor
  5. Pay attention to the NAU tuition and fees you need to pay (listed on the incoming NSE page)
  6. Your host country address, email, etc is required for the NSE database, DO NOT DELAY this information
  7. The time it will take for your NAU official transcript to arrive at Sonoma will take longer than usual as there are multiple variables for transcript processing with this specific partnership
If you have gone through this process and completed your exchange, you have earned the title of being a true Lumberjack! There is nothing better than international travel while completing your degree!