National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange (NSE) was founded as a parallel to study abroad programs, recognizing that often language, cost, and program compatibility make studying in the United States and Canada a good choice for students.  NSE is an association of over 200 colleges and universities in the United States, U.S. Territories and Canada.  Study for a semester or a year, paying your same NAU tuition or pay the in-state tuition of the host campus. Placements are accepted at host campuses on a space-available basis.

Please visit for details about the program and available campuses.

Eligibility RequirementsUniversity of Sherbrook, Quebec

• Sophomore status at time of exchange
• 2.5 GPA or higher
• Good Standing at NAU
• Full time enrollment at NAU
• No incomplete grades from previous terms
• No current or pending probationary status due to academic dishonesty or misconduct
• No outstanding financial obligation at NAU

Choosing a Campus

Students may exchange for a single semester or academic year. A list of all campuses can be found at

You are encouraged to select colleges and universities which will provide learning opportunities that will supplement and complement those of your home institutions and assist you in reaching your educational goals. You are also encouraged to select campuses that will stimulate personal growth and development and allow you to experience the educational, geographic, and cultural diversity found among NSE's campuses.


For most institutions, you have an option of where you pay your tuition:
• Plan A: NAU student pays the in-state tuition of the host university
• Plan B: NAU student pays regular NAU tuition
There is a $200 application fee to apply to NSE.

University of Puerto RicoFinancial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid & scholarships depend on your choice of plans:
Plan A: Your financial aid will be disbursed from your host university. Please note that NAU tuition waivers and scholarships (i.e. NAU Merit, Deans, Presidents Resident and Non-Resident, AIMS, Lumberjack Scholars, and departmental tuition awards) cannot be used on Plan A.
Plan B: Your financial aid will be disbursed from NAU. If you receive a scholarship from NAU, it will disburse in the same way as any other semesters you have attended NAU.

Benefits of NSE

NSE is an affordable, practical and unique experience that can have an immense impact on your future, your personal growth and also have a hand in greatly enhancing your present and future educational experience. Gain:
• Access to new academic options
• Take courses not offered at your university
• Learn from different professors
• Explore new areas of study
• Gain a fresh outlook on your academics
• Affordable (you pay regular NAU tuition or in-state tuition to your host university)
• Experience life from a new perspective
• Experience personal growth
• Live in a new place!
• Become more independent and resourceful
• Broaden personal perspectives
• Break out of comfort zones
• Increase self-confidence
• Search for graduate or professional schools
• Search for future employment
• Become better able to define your academic and career objectives
• Become more confident with taking risks
• Cultivate better decision-making skills
• Demonstrate to employers and graduate schools that you have gone beyond the expected
• Come home with a better-defined view of your future!


Contact Andrew Sarracino, NSE Coordinator, at (928) 523-6244.