Get a GRIP on your future by gaining hands-on experience abroad!
Make an appointment today to learn how to obtain a safe international fieldwork
experience that fits your personal, professional and academic goals. 

All NAU students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are welcome to apply.

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Why join the Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP)?

   • Gain a unique fieldwork experience (internship, research or volunteer position) abroad in your field of study
   • Earn NAU academic credit toward your graduation requirements (All GRIP students must register for credit)
   • Boost your resume and increase employment opportunities
   • Enhance language and soft skills (i.e. adaptability, flexibility, communication, etc.)
   • Learn more about the international opportunities available in your major/minor
   • Make contacts with professionals from other parts of the world in a field of your interest.

How to Get Started:

  1. Establish your fieldwork experience goals: (i.e. location, industry and term of participation)
  2. Make an appointment online with Danielle Linde (International Internship Coordinator)
  3. Research & apply for international opportunities that match your goals 
  4. Submit an application to the Global Research & Internship Program
  5. Create a budget and apply for scholarships

Academic Credit:

ABOR required 45 hours of fieldwork experience for every 1 unit of academic credit unit. GRIP students can gain credit in the following ways:

  1. Enroll in CIE 208: International Fieldwork Experience (General Elective Credit): Sign up through Danielle Varnes. CIE 208 is held online and must be taken in the term that the student is abroad. CIE 208 can be taken for up to 6 units of credit. The number of credits that can be taken is determined by the number of fieldwork hours abroad. CIE 208 is only available to students participating in an internship or volunteer experience; research students must receive credit through their academic department (see below).
  2. Enroll in credit through your academic department: Students should speak to their academic advisor about obtaining credit directly from their department for a fieldwork experience abroad. Your department will determine which credit is appropriate and how it will count toward your graduation requirements. A faculty member in your department will supervise and grade your credits. You will most likely be approved to receive one of the following credits from your department: Research (485/685)
    ; Independent Study (497/697) or Fieldwork Experience/ Internship (408/608)
  3. Enroll in credit through the sponsoring organization and transfer it to NAU: Some internship and research organizations offer academic credit as part as the program fees. You will still need to gain pre-approval through your academic department to transfer these credits and have them count toward your graduation requirements.

Funding Your International Fieldwork Experience:

Students enrolled in GRIP gain academic credit for their fieldwork experience and are thus eligible for financial aid and education abroad scholarships. Be sure to start planning early to secure all necessary funding! Make an appointment with Normajean Hultman in NAU Financial Aid office to discuss your aid during your fieldwork experience abroad. Keep in mind that your financial aid will usually be based on the number of credits in which you enroll. 

GRIP Scholarship:
This scholarship is meant to offset the tuition costs for GRIP students. The award will be automatically applied to your LOUIE account before your term begins as long as you meet the following criteria:
  • Gain acceptance into GRIP by program deadline
  • Be enrolled in NAU credits for your fieldwork experience
  • NOT be receiving an NAU tuition waiver during the term of participation
Amount awarded is based on the number of credits you are enrolled for the term of participation:
  • Fall & Spring: $500 (3-5 credits); $1,000 (6-11 credits); $1,500 (12+ credits)
  • Summer & Winter: $100 per credit hour
Deadline: The award will be automatically applied to your LOUIE account as long as you meet the above criteria