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Programs : Budget Sheet

Visit our Finances section ( to compare these costs with your typical NAU costs. The following listing represents the Summer Costs for NAU in Belize - Jaime Awe.

Summer Costs for NAU in Belize - Jaime Awe
Summer Costs for NAU in Belize - Jaime Awe
Budget Item Costs
Estimated Airfare   $800.00
Estimated Meals   $100.00
Total: $900.00
Please note that these expenses are for attending one of the two sessions.  Attending both sessions will result in costs doubling (except for estimated airfare).

In addition to the expenses above, students will pay NAU:
$3,377 for 1 unit
$3,550 for 2 units
$3,722 for 3 units
$3,984 for 4 units

Course fees will include:
Shuttle transfers to and from the Belize International Airport to San Ignacio in western Belize
Daily shuttles from our hotel to the sites we are excavating
Hotel costs in San Ignacio
All meals except those on Saturday and breakfast/lunch on Sunday

Students will be responsible for:
The cost of their airfare to and from Belize
Meals on Saturday and Breakfast/lunch on Sunday
Costs related to any trips they take to visit local sites on the weekends