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Blogs, Videos, & More!

Below are some student blogs for an inside look at studying abroad.  Also check out videos of our programs and quotes from alumni!

Spring 2018


Max Klier
New South Wales, Australia

"Southern Cross University has got to be one of the coolest campuses I've been to. And I know one of the main reasons for that is it is in Australia where exotic plants and animals are resident here. The campus has a Koala sanctuary, a mini lake with all sorts of bird life, and a botanical garden around that lake. The campus is small and has a very diverse selection of people there ranging from all ages.‚Äč"

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Curtin Uni
Shayla Puryear
Perth, Australia

" I chose this experience because I knew it was an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity, but also because I knew it would push me out of my comfort zone and force me to grow. That it did."

Brittany FriskBrittany Frisk_Charles Darwin
Darwin, Australia

"I do not regret coming all this way alone, I believe I am adding to my character, expanding my comfort zone and becoming more brave. When you practice independence, you're able to achieve more and gain knowledge from experience. Stay true to yourself, listen to your body and surround yourself with good people. Though I sometimes feel alone, I am still very blessed to be here in Darwin and don't believe I should be anywhere else than right here."

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Calendar Year 2017

UNSWKaitlyn Covey
Sydney, Australia

"I am ending my second day here in Australia! So much has happened already and I've already had an emotional whirlwind. I've seen so many new birds and so many trees and greenery that I am really happy I chose Sydney, Australia to study abroad to."
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Spring 2017

Southern CrossNick Scheirl
New South Wales, Australia

"The multitude of food options was rather overwhelming, and to prevent serious buyers remorse, I went with a Australia classic; the meat pie. A bargain at 5 bucks (That’s AUD folks), it was the perfect combination of pastry and steak." 

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UT SYDAlycia Lichtas
Sydney, Australia

"The next morning I decided to explore. I had a map and was just going to go wherever the wind took me. I ended up walking to Darling Harbor. It was beautiful. I haven’t seen the ocean in a long time so it was kind of special to be walking and to smell the salt in the air and hear seagulls fighting over some fish before I even got to see the water."

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Fall 2017

Joy CrutchfieldJoy Crutchfield
Santiago, Chile

"I had the paperwork completed, my visa in hand, the plane ticket bought! I was already and set to go! I had my fears of course but I figured that I would set those aside and just pack them into the bottom of my suitcase. All that was left was to say my goodbyes and let everyone know who didn't already know I was leaving that they wouldn't be seeing me for a year. Even my fortune cookie had told me that I was all ready and set to leave!"


Summer 2015


Amy SwartzAmy Swartz
Munich, Germany
"My first two weeks in Germany I have the pleasure of taking a German language class in the beautiful and bustling Munich!  After classes and on the weekends my classmates and I have been trying to experience everything Munich and the surrounding areas have to offer.  We have visited castles, museums, churches, parks and anything."

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Spring 2015


Taylor HaynesTaylor Haynes
Aalborg, Denmark

"I’ve found myself in Aalborg. I’ve found myself this sweet, simple, cozy place. Yeah, I might recognize the people who are usually on my bus route. Sure, I might get familiar with the people who work at the grocery store. The trees are finally covered in light, baby leaves and there’s lots of green grass. I have a favorite coffee shop. I’ve found myself here and now, I’d like to think, I’ve chosen to bloom."

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Kerry LorenzKerry Lorenz
Amsterdam, Netherlands
"The warm weather, the sunshine and the trees finally turning green hanging over the canals makes the city look like a fairytale. Sometime I still look around and am amazed that I am here in this amazing place."

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Yoko BeachYoko Chavez

Callaghan, Australia

"Everyone one I’ve met here has shaped me to be a better person, I’m leaving better than you found me. I leave with so much memories that will last forever and friendships that’ll last a life time. I didn’t know how my time here could have gone, but I can tell you now that I had the time of my life."

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Academic Year 2014/2015


Amanda RobinsonAmanda Robinson

Paris, France
"One of my personal favorite things to do when I visit places is to climb a lot of stairs (or take a wicked fast elevator, in the case of Nantes) to reach a high point that allows you to see the whole city.  I love the peace that comes from looking down on a bustling city from above, where everything looks quiet and calm..."

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Spring 2014


Thomas Rice Costa RicaThomas Rice

San Jose, Costa Rica

“I am very thankful that my study abroad experience has given me the tools to travel and the practice with these tools. I look forward to future explorations.”


AndreaDameAndrea Dame

Siena, Italy
"Four Sundays ago, I boarded a plane with two of my friends to travel halfway around the world and start the adventure of a lifetime. This semester I am studying abroad in Siena, Italy a pretty medieval town three hours north of Rome. The past four weeks have been a whirlwind as I have tried to adjust to the language barrier, culture shock, and getting my bearings of living in another country."

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MitchellJohnsonMitchell Johnson
Aalborg, Denmark

"One thing I've noticed about the Danish culture and student life is they are very laid back about of doing things. They do not stress about everything at all times, they like to take their time and its not uncommon for them to just go somewhere in Denmark or to another country for a regular or long weekend to relax and get away."

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Fall 2014

Hannah Schertenlieb

Hannah Schertenlieb
La Rochelle, France

"People in Paris seemed to take life very slowly with ease but in a directionally moving forward manner. Only once while in Paris did Ali or I ever hear someone honk a horn. Although the driving in Paris was especially busy and sometimes terrifying with many tiny side streets, barely any lane distinction, and hardly any traffic laws there was never any angry drivers."

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Joy NoriegaJoy Noriega
Oviedo, Spain
Wow! I have only been here one full day and two half days since getting off the plane in Madrid and taking a 5 hour train ride to Oviedo. During my wait at the train station and on the train, I "people watched." I noticed words that were said and the way people would greet each other.

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Kendal Brownsburger
Perth, Austrailia

With that said, I am growing quite accustom to Australian culture. There is a real laid back vibe here in Western Australia, not in the lazy sense, though there is a joke that perhaps laziness is a tad present for the shops close so early here. Many of the shops close at 5 pm!

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Rachel PoolRachel Pool
Siena, Italy

Even though the language barrier is extremely tough, I feel very welcomed by my family and comfortable in the house. I like getting to be in the city all day at school or with my friends and then leaving the city to experience Italian culture with my family at night.

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Caitlin CerraCaitlin Cerra
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Even though I’m not with my horses anymore, I continue to wear jeans out of tradition. Abaya, thobe, and hijab are the Middle Eastern versions of jeans and cowboy boots. Just as some Americans wear jeans and cowboy boots to identify with a certain past – even if they’ve never ridden a horse! – these clothes are also worn out of tradition.

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