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Faculty Led Programs 2019-2020

Winter Break 2019-20

NAU in Jamaica: PT Program Volunteer Intensive Stroke Experience
Faculty Leader: Valerie Carter​

Spring Break 2020

NAU Model United Nations: Tokyo 2020
Faculty Leader: Gretchen Gee

NAU in Mexico: International Service Learning in Physical Therapy
Faculty Leader: Michael Lebec​

Summer 2020

NAU in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Integrated Curriculum  
and Place-based Education Faculty Leader: Brian Stone


NAU in Iceland: Climate Change and Society
Faculty Leader: Brian Petersen

NAU in Iceland - Petersen

NAU in Europe: HRM Summer Studies
Faculty Leader: Kathleen King


NAU in Mexico: Going Global - Mexico City
Faculty Leaders: Angelina Palumbo and Holly Wheeler

NAU in MX - Palumbo/Wheeler

NAU in Greece: The Refugee Crisis in the European Union
Faculty Leaders: Robert Neustadt and Erika Hess

NAU in Greece - Hess/Neustadt

NAU in Greece: The Cataclysimic Eruption of Santorini Volcano
Faculty Leader: Lisa Thompson

NAU in Greece - Thompson

NAU in Ireland: Psychology of Community and Culture
Faculty Leader: Eylin Palamaro-Munsell

NAU in Ireland - Eylin PM

NAU in Italy: Infrastructure Systems Abroad
Faculty Leaders: Edward Smaglik, Brendan Russo, & Alarick Reibolt

NAU in Italy - Smaglik

NAU in Italy: Language & Linguine
Faculty Leader: Kevin Massoletti

NAU in Italy - Massoletti

NAU in Italy: Nature, Culture, & Sustainability
Faculty Leader: Gioia Woods

NAU in Italy - Woods

NAU in Japan: Cultural Filmmaking
Faculty Leader: Betsy Adachi and Kurt Lancaster

NAU in Japan - Adachi/Lanc

NAU in Japan: Immersion in Kansai
Faculty Leader: Reiko Akiyama and Timothy Yamamura

NAU in Japan - Akiyama/Yama

NAU in Mexico: Spanish Immersion
Faculty Leader: Audra Travelbee
NAU in Mexico - Travelbee

NAU in the UK: London Theatre
Faculty Leader: Christina Dennehy

NAU in UK - Dennehy

NAU in the UK: History, Culture, and Forensic Science: Comparing the U.S. and Britain
Faculty Leader: Sharon Moses

NAU in UK - Moses

NAU in Scotland: Isle Hopping through Scottish History
Faculty Leader: Claudia Sturgis
NAU in Scotland - Sturgis

​NAU in France: French Language in Vichy
Faculty Leader: Richard Smoot

NAU in France - Smoot

NAU in France: Drawing and Painting
Faculty Leader: Bruce Aiken

NAU in France - Aiken

NAU Teach/Learn in Italy: Culture, Social Studies & Contexts of Schooling
Faculty Leader: Barbara Veltri

NAU Italy - Veltri

NAU in Guatemala: School of Nursing Health Care in Guatemala
Faculty Leader: Kim Gould

NAU in Guatemala - Gould

NAU in Ireland: Intermediate Fiction Writing
Faculty Leader: Ann Cummins

NAU in Ireland - Cummins

NAU in Spain and Ireland SA 301: International Field Experience - The Cultural Understanding and Psychology of a Pilgrimage: Camino de Santiago
Faculty Leader: Carl Cooke

NAU in Spain/Ireland - Cooke

NAU in Spain: Salamanca Summer Study-Abroad Program 
Faculty Leader: Sofia Wolhein; Ed Hood; Roberto Serpas

NAU in Spain - Hood/Wolhein/Se

NAU in Belize: Archaeological Field Work Experience
Faculty Leader: Jaime Awe

NAU in Belize - Awe

NAU in Ghana: Dental Hygiene - Interdisciplinary Learning and Humanitarian Externship 
Faculty Leader: Tracye Moore

NAU in Ghana - Moore

NAU in South Korea: Culture as Form in South Korea
Faculty Leader: Jaewook Lee

NAU in South Korea - Lee

NAU in Spain: Sociology and Social Work
Faculty Leader: Anne Medill and Courtney Carver

NAU in Spain - Medill/Carver

NAU in the UK: Down the Rabbit Hole 
Faculty Leader: Meg Moseley


NAU in Portugal: Linear in Lisbon 
Faculty Leader: Jeffrey Rushall

portugal rushall

NAU in Costa Rica: People, Landscapes, and Service
Faculty Leader: John Gartin

costa rica gartin

NAU in Italy: Rome Studio: Place, Context, and Response
Faculty Leader: Vince Caranchini

italy caranchini

NAU in Germany: A Century of German History and Cultural Identity in Berlin
Faculty Leader: Vicky Vandermale

NAU in France and Morocco: Aspects of International Business 
Faculty Leader: Bernadine Lewis and Richard Szal


NAU in Costa Rica: Thermodynamics and Energy in Latin America
Faculty Leader: Tom Acker

costa rica acker

NAU in Peru: Dental Hygiene Service Learning Project 
Faculty Leader: Priscilla Rost and Amy Smith