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Financing Study Abroad

Study Abroad can be affordable!
  • Exchange programs are the most affordable way to study abroad for a semester or year (see chart below).  Cost by program type information is here.
  • Costs for specific programs are found on that program’s webpage. 
  • NAU scholarship and tuition waivers (including but not limited to: AIMS, President’s, Dean’s, EARP) may be used for exchange programs but not provider and faculty-led programs (exception - EARPs can be applied to the tuition portion of faculty-led programs).
  • A $100 application fee will be charged to your LOUIE account upon completion of your application. NSE students will be charged $200. Global Research and Internship (GRIP) students do not pay an application fee.
  • A $500 cancellation fee will be charged to students who withdraw from their program after submission of the application, so be sure you are committed to your program when filling out your application materials.  In addition, cancellations after admittance may result in charges for all sums paid out and committed on students' behalf.
  • Students not currently receiving financial aid that want to explore that option for Education Abroad should contact Financial Aid at (  
    • Students going on summer programs need to talk to them early!
  • See our scholarships page to learn more about study abroad scholarships.
Payment Deadlines

Application Fees – Application fees are due approximately one week after having submitted your application.

Program Fees – Program fees that are billed by NAU are due according to NAU's regular payment deadlines.  This applies to exchange, faculty-led, some internships and research, and NSE Plan A programs.  Provider and non-NAU programs have their own deadlines.


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