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LGBTQIA Students

Resources for LGBTQIA Students 

The Education Abroad Office at NAU is committed to promoting opportunities abroad for students who identify as LGBTQIA. It is crucial to one’s study abroad experience that they are taking time to prepare for their trip. However, students who identify as LGBTQIA may need to consider additional aspects prior to their departure and during their time abroad.  Below are some tips to help make your trip to take into consideration prior to departure and during your stay in your host country.

1. Research the LGBTQIA climate of the country you want to study. Is the country one that is accepting of people who identify as LGBTQIA? Follow this link to learn specifics about each country and their laws or policies regarding LGBTQIA population.

2. Talk with other people who identify as LGBTQIA . Inquire about their experiences abroad in certain countries or regions.

3. Understand the laws, policies, beliefs, customs, taboos and attitudes in the country you will be studying in. Not everywhere will have the same meaning to certain behaviors or expressions. 

“Keep in mind that once outside the United States you are no longer protected by U.S. laws.  If same-sex acts are illegal in your host country and you are caught engaging in them, or presumed to have engaged in them, you could be arrested and imprisoned in that country.”

When trying to decide where you want to study abroad, ensure you are getting answers to the questions below for a safe, positive, and unforgettable experience:

  • What is the host culture’s expression and acceptance around the expression of LGBTQIA sexuality?
  • Do the laws that are in place protect or prohibit specific expressions of gender or sexual identities?
  • Are LGBTQIA individuals prone to violence in the host country?
  • What are the expected behaviors or cultural norms of the country you will be attending?
  • What resources are available in the host country and university abroad? 

Here are more resources to ensure you are making an informed decision about where to study:


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