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International Internship & Research Opportunities


The Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP) is an NAU program that connects NAU undergraduate students to international internship, research and volunteer opportunities that meet their academic and career goals.

What programs are available?
A number of internship, research and volunteer opportunities are listed on the GRIP Opportunity page. However, many NAU students find opportunities on their own through NAU faculty connections or their own research endeavors. We encourage students that have specific career interests connect with relevant international companies and organizations directly regarding possible internship, research or volunteer opportunities. More about how to do this can be found here. Please note that it is the student's responsibility to ensure that an opportunity found with an organization listed on the GRIP Opportunity page or anywhere else meets the student's personal standards of safety and quality as well as their academic and professional goals. The opportunities listed are meant to be a resource for further research.

Are these opportunities paid?
The vast majority of international internships, research and volunteer opportunities are UNPAID. There are some very competitive opportunities that are funded and will provide support for travel or housing expenses some of these include: NAU MHIRT program, DAAD RISE, and IAESTE. In fact, many international internship and volunteer providers charge students a program fee to participate and in exchange theses organizations provide a more supported experience abroad. These program fees usually cover guaranteed placement in the internship, research or volunteer experience, housing, airport pickup, orientation, insurance, in-country staff support and sometimes food and additional trips.
The opportunities we have listed on the GRIP opportunity page are well-known in the international education field and affordable without loosing program quality. A good way to offset program fees are to apply for Education Abroad Scholarships such as the Gilman Scholarship. Others funding opportunities can be found on the GRIP Financial Aid page. Keep in mind that to receive education abroad scholarships you must enroll in at least one unit of academic credit for your international internship, research or volunteer opportunity.

What role does the Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP) play?
GRIP helps to connect students to opportunities abroad that meet their academic and professional goals as well as guidance to find possible funding sources to offset the cost. In addition, GRIP provides NAU connects students with relevant academic credit, and international health insurance. More on academic credit can be found on the GRIP academic credit page.


To get started, make an appointment with Holly Wheeler (International Internship Coordinator) to discuss your goals and to explore which international GRIP opportunity might be right for you!


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Recent GRIP Experiences

Location Major  Opportunity
London Political Science   Department of State Internship
Greece Education          NAU Student Teaching
Argentina Env. Scence & Policy NAU PRESS
The Netherlands Health Independently Arranged Health Internship
New Zealand & Malaysia Various NAU MHIRT Program
Philippines & Palau Various NAU MHIRT Program
Easter Island Mechanical Engineering Terevaka
London Business Absolute Internships
Germany Biology DAAD-RISE
Australia Environmental Science International Student Volunteers
Australia Biology The EA Network