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Here are a few things that study abroad alumni have said about their experience:

"Studying abroad has been an experience that I will never forget. I am thankful for the memories as well as the international family that I have gained."

-Curt DuRocher, Electrical Engineering Major, Phoenix, AZ

"My entire semester in the Netherlands had the theme of 'Why not.' These two words helped me to come out of my shell to meet the most amazing people, learn about different cultures (and how to ride a bike), travel to wonderful places, and most importantly make memories that always bring a smile to my face."

-Kayla Swierski, Business Management Major and Certificate in Marketing Communications, Phoenix, AZ

"Before this experience I was someone who never imagined, or thought they could afford, a trip to 6 European countries. Now I wish I had studied abroad much sooner and for a longer period of time. The people in each country were so welcoming and accepting of our American cohort despite the various language and cultural differences. We consistently felt taken care of by all of our host countries. I hope to go back sometime very soon."

-Josh Schwalbach, Graduate Degree in Counseling-Student Affairs, Tucson, AZ

"Looking back on the most amazing semester of life, I can't express how fortunate I have been to share such amazing moments with new friends; friends that I know I will keep in touch with for years to come. I learned so much about accepting and adapting to new cultures and environments and most of all, the meaning of true friendship. The people you meet and the places you will go while studying abroad are unbelievable opportunities that will forever change you for the better!"

-Kaitlin Reeves, Exercise Science Major, Tucson, AZ

“One thing I learned from my study abroad experience was that I did not have to settle for the norm. Switzerland has taught me that every day is an adventure. Because of this experience, I found my ideal pursuits in human rights within the international arena.”

-Elaine Schaefer, International Affairs Major, Hillsboro, OR

“My study abroad experience enriched my knowledge of several different cultures and gave me a new perspective of myself and the world surrounding me”.

-Mercedes McPherson, Public Planning Major, Tempe, AZ

"It is hard to explain to someone the affect a Study Abroad experience can have on your life. It changes you. I am smarter, stronger, happier, more worldly. I am empowered by my times abroad, and I will always carry them with me as some of the greatest moments of my life. If you are questioning for a second whether or not to go...don't!"

-Sarah Bryan, Business Management and Spanish Major, Chino Hills, CA

"Spending a semester in Spain not only improved my Spanish speaking abilities through immersion classes and every day culture experiences but also molded me into a more confident, independent, and appreciative individual."

-Amanda Livingston, Sociology and Spanish Major, Los Alamitos, CA

"Another thing that was very life changing is that in Australia there are refugees from all over the world there. One of my friends was from Africa and in his home village some of his friends had been made into child soldiers so hearing about what they went through was eye opening. It's something we don't get a lot of experience here in the states."

-Ruth Naegele, Public Relations Major and International Relations Minor, Tucson, AZ

"Studying abroad allowed me to continue my studies while learning about a new culture and country. Costa Rica allowed me to experience so much more than I could have if I stayed at my home university campus."

-Riley Davis, Spanish Major and History and Latin American Studies Minor, Makawao, HI

“Studying abroad is an experience that, in many ways, surpasses any other educational opportunity.  One is swept into a world foreign to all senses, and then given the privilege to learn in that environment.”

-Robbie Greene

"Studying abroad as not only helped to improve my Spanish language skills, but has also helped me to really understand and become familiar with another culture. My experiences abroad have helped me to become a better Spanish teacher."

-Samantha Petree, Graduate Program in Spanish Education, Sand Diego, CA

"I left Europe convinced: In order to even scratch the surface of becoming a well-informed world citizen, the broader context of the world should be experienced first-hand. We must take the  risk of charting unfamiliar territory. For me, it began with an application to study abroad." 

-Marvin Jim, Graduate Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Steamboat, AZ, Navajo Reservation

"Studying abroad in Greece made me realize my own independence and gave me the courage to embrace new experiences in the future."

-Tess Menzies, Psychology Major, Phoenix, AZ