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Interdisciplinary Global Programs Appointments

Hola! こんにちは! Guten Tag! 你好! Bonjour ! مرحبا !

Hello! Welcome! We are so excited you are interested in IGP! For more information about the program you can visit our website, check if you are eligible and apply online, or set up an appointment with a member of our team. To make an appointment select the name of the person and fill out the form – this should include a subject, specific questions/comments, and select a date and time through “view appointment dates and times”.  Note that all appointments are held in the Center for International Education (Blome, Building #2). Please be on time or contact us if you need to cancel an appointment.
IGP - Spanish Speaking Focus
Name Email Phone
Marcela Pino Alcaraz 928-523-6185
IGP - French and German Speaking Focus
Name Email Phone
Liliane Palm 928-523-0314
IGP - Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic Speaking Focus
Name Email Phone
Mariel Goble 928-523-2400
IGP Director
Name Email Phone
Melissa Armstrong 928-523-5559