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Faculty Leading Programs

Faculty Leading Programs

Below are instructions on how faculty leading programs can use our database to track and contact students.

Searching - Viewing applications for your program

1. Log in to Studio Abroad here.  If you cannot log in email your EmplID to
2. Click on Applicant Admin on the left menu, then advanced search.
3. Check Application Parameters, click next.
4. Select your program ("NAU in ...").  If you have run your program before, also select the appropriate application cycle.  Click next.
5. You will see a list of students that have applied for your program.
6. Name this search and click Save Search
7. You can now click on the Admin Home link on the top right corner and you will see that this search has been saved.  You can simply return to Reviewer Home next time you log in and click on the saved search.

Viewing information about individual students

1. Run the search described in the section above.
2. You can click on individual students' applications for more information about that student and their application.
3. You will see a number of tabs for the applicant.  These tabs allow you to see contact information, information about the student such as GPA and class level, how far along they are in their application, and other pieces of information.

Student Statuses

A student's status is important to note.  Students that are Applicants are still working on their application materials and have not committed to a program.  Students that are Admitted have completed their applications, have been admitted, and are considered to be committed to a program.  Program enrollments only include admitted students!  Applicants are reminded every four days by EA to finish their applications, but a reminder from faculty often helps.

Emailing Students

You can easily email a group of students from the database.  The email will look like it came from your email address and when replied to, emails will go to your regular inbox.

1. Run the search described above to bring up a list of your students.
2. From the drop-down menu select Send Email.   You can then select recipients and write your email.
3. If you want to narrow down who will get an email from you, create and save a more specific search.  For example, if you only want to email Admitted students, create a new search (see instructions above) and add criteria, such as checking the Admitted box in the Application Status section of the search page.  The search result will only display admitted students and thus only those students will be emailed when you select Send Email.