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Recommended EA Programs for History Majors

The following are Exchange programs made possible by a partnership between NAU and the host university. We send students there, they send students to us! On these programs, you pay your home tuition, and NAU Merit Scholarships (Blue, Gold, Dean’s, President’s, and Lumberjack) come with you! As an exchange student, you become deeply immersed in the culture of your host city and university. For ISEP programs, you will pay NAU tuition, housing and meal stipend in place of the international prices abroad. 

This list is not exhaustive – we support other types of programs as well! Check out or ALL HISTORY PROGRAMS to explore. Make an appointment with the regional adviser to discuss what programs best fit your personal, financial, and academic needs.

Asia Pacific


Africa and the Middle East

Egypt: American University in Cairo
Morocco: ISEP: Al Akhawayn University 

Latin America

Ecuador: La Universidad de San Francisco de Quito
Chile: Universidad Viña del Mar 
Argentina‚Äč: ISEP: Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires

Central and Eastern Europe

Bulgaria: ISEP: American University in Bulgaria
Czech Republic: University of New York in Prague
Germany: Eberhard-Karls University Tubingen
Germany: TU Dortmund
Germany: University of Konstanz
Greece: American College of Greece, Athens
Netherlands: ISEP: Leiden University 

Poland: USAC in Krakow, Poland - this program is a direct program. Talk to your Education Abroad Advisor to get more information on costs/scholarships!

Northern Europe and Scandinavia

Finland: ISEP: University of Tampere 
Sweden: ISEP: University of Sodertorn 
United Kingdom: University of Warwick

Western Europe

France: Sciences-Po Toulouse
Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg
Spain: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid