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GRIP Academic Credit

Academic Credit:

Because each GRIP opportunity is unique so is the credits you can receive. Some GRIP opportunites supply you with transfer credits that count toward NAU courses. Other opportunites offer no transfer credit so you will need to register for credit with your NAU department or the Center for International Education. 

GRIP students gain credit in the following ways:

Enroll in credit through your academic department: Students should speak to their academic advisor about obtaining credit directly from their department for a fieldwork experience abroad. Your department will determine which credit is appropriate and how it will count toward your graduation requirements. A faculty member in your department will supervise and grade your credits. Credits students typically receive include: Research (485/685); Independent Study (497/697) or Fieldwork Experience/ Internship (408/608)

Enroll in credit through the sponsoring organization and transfer it to NAU: Some opportunities offer academic credit as part as the program fees. You will still need to gain pre-approval through your academic department to transfer these credits and have them count toward your graduation requirements.