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Programs : Budget Sheet

Visit our Finances section ( to compare these costs with your typical NAU costs. The following listing represents the Summer Costs for Costa Rica NAU.

Summer Costs for Costa Rica NAU
Summer Costs for Costa Rica NAU
Budget Item Costs
Application Fee *   $100.00
Estimated Program Fee *   $3,800.00
Estimated NAU Student Fees *   $106.00
Estimated Health Insurance *   $54.00
NAU charges subtotal:  $4,060.00
Estimated Airfare   $800.00
Estimated Meals   $200.00
Estimated Personal Expenses   $400.00
Additional expenses subtotal:  $1,400.00
Total: $5,460.00

Students on the NAU Costa Rica  program pay a program fee.  This fee usually includes tuition.  NAU tuition waivers and NAU scholarships do not apply to these programs i.e. Lumberjack Scholars, AIMS, Presidents Residents, Non-Residents, Deans, and NAU Merit Awards and departmental tuition awards.

Some private scholarships and financial aid do apply.

Program fee Includes the following:

Tuition (2 courses)
Resident Director Services
2 Meals per day (breakfast and dinner)
2 weekend excursions
Airport pickup

Does not include:

Health Insurance
Spending Money
Application Fee
NAU Student fees


  • The application fee is non-refundable.
  • If you withdraw your application after admittance, you will be charged an additional $500 cancellation fee, on top of any other charges incurred on your behalf based on your time of withdrawal (group flight reservations, hostel reservations, etc.) Please keep this in mind when applying.
  • Program fee subject to change based on enrollment and increase in NAU tuition and university fees.
Note: For exchange programs, the only charges that you will pay to NAU are your application fee, tuition, student fees, and health insurance. If you choose to live on-campus with the host university, in private off campus housing, or with a host family, you will pay your housing charges directly to the host university, host landlord, or host family.
* Billed to NAU Louie account
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